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Book release

Book 'from the jauntiness of absence' and limited postcard edition. 

Atmospheric workshop pictures by the photographer Lisa Villinger as well as images of our works are combined with text contributions by Ute Eitzenhöfer, Wilhelm Lindemann and Julia Wild. All brought together by the graphic designer Leonie Vogel in a publication which honours the process of artistic creation.

Book: 19,50€

Postcard Edition: 4,50€


'from the jauntiness of absence' goes to tallinn

In the context of the Tallinn Applied Art Triennial 2021, our works are on display at the A-Galerii in
Tallinn (Estonia) since June 30.

We are exhibiting jewellery and notes in the margin, which give an insight into the process of creation in the field of contemporary jewellery and show our way of working with the material stone.

Join us at the finissage on the 14th of August where we will have a book signing event and an artist talk. 


'from the jauntiness of absence' in hanau

If you could not join us in Tallinn don't worry.


In October 2021 'from the jauntiness of absence' will be on view at Goldschmiedehaus Hanau (Germany).

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